40 Things I wish to accomplish by the time I turn 40!

So I have had a plan in my head for the past couple of months. This plan was in preparation of my 40th and wanting to feel the best and be my best me when I hit that milestone birthday! Well I just happened to recently celebrate my 39th birthday so I figured it was time that I start to really put this plan into action! It is easy for me to SAY something but it is much harder for me to DO it – hence this little blog to keep me accountable!

I have always been a list person. I feel so much better when I make a list and am able to check things off as I go. The list not only makes me feel more productive, but it also keeps things prioritized for me.  No joke – I often accomplish something just before making the list, and include it on the list just so I know I will have momentum! HA! (Please tell me I not the only one that does this!!)

So to start my #enrouteto40 journey I present to you MY LIST of 40 items I want to accomplish by 40! These items are small and big things that I think will help me to reach my ultimate goal of feeling the best and being the best me! I am sharing them publicly in hopes that it makes me EVEN MORE accountable but also because I welcome kicks in the butt in case I start to fall off track! I have also set up an Instagram account to also capture parts of this list (you’ll understand better as you read the list!) – so look for that if that short of thing interests you! 🙂

Without further ado…


  1. Exercise at minimum 156 times this year – approximately 3 times a week
  2. Read a personal development book each month! (Feel free to send me some suggestions of your favorites and as I read them I will share my favorites!)
  3. Start a Blog about #enrouteto40 to keep me on track!! (See what I did there – CHECK – momentum engaged!)
  4. Learn a new healthy CLEAN recipe one Sunday a month. (If it is amazing – you will hear about it! AND send me suggestions of things I should try or where you get your favorite recipes.)
  5. Do something for someone else twice a month to bring a smile and joy to their life. (I probably won’t blog too much about this one as that kind of defeats the point I think, but I will figure out somehow to let you know when I do it!)
  6. Send a letter to a different family or friend once a month for the entire year via snail mail!
  7. Volunteer once a month (I am most looking forward to this one and need to make a list of places that look for volunteers – have a suggestion, send it my way!)
  8. PICTURES!! Take pictures of things that inspire you or make you smile! (Hence Instagram)
  9. One Weekend a month go PHONELESS
  10. Book a Trip that is on my Bucket List (You think this list is long…you should see my travel bucket list! HA!)
  11. Learn something new with myHusband! (Sorry T, you can’t escape the list!! I am thinking a class of some sort maybe a language, maybe exercise, the possibilities are endless!)
  12. See the Jays play in TO and 1 other city!! (I am a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan so to see them twice this year would be amazing, adding a new city to the trip is a BONUS!)
  13. Do a Pull Up without assistance!
  14. Stick to a debt reduction plan and build my savings. (I am pretty sure most people have this on their list, but I have so much trouble sticking to the plan – anyone else feel me when it comes to money plans?!?)
  15. In the summer, visit 5 places in Nova Scotia that I have never visited before.
  16. Fly 1st Class (Oh there will be pictures…)
  17. Attend a Mawio’mi (This is a gathering also known as a Powwow – I picked this as it is a part of my culture and important to me.)
  18. Take a Wine Course
  19. Build something for the house
  20. Put date night on the calendar each month for a year and NEVER miss them or reschedule them. (Because my husband is my best friend and my number 1 supporter – he deserves to be appreciated! AND because I made him a part of this list without asking…)
  21. Go on a Vacation that isn’t planned at least once this year – when the feeling strikes!
  22. De Clutter EVERY room in my house.
  23. Go to a live concert.
  24. Start an email account for my niece and nephew and share stories with them that they can read when they get older. (They are just 2 and 5, but this might be fun for them to read when they are older!)
  25. Break at least one bad habit (not going to lie this will probably be food related and TOUGH!)
  26. Spend more time getting to know my Nieces. (They are teenagers now, so this could be fun!)
  27. Have a coffee date with a friend once a month – this can be face to face or via FaceTime or skype!
  28. Attend a Celtic Colors event.
  29. Start my Master’s Thesis.
  30. Do something that I am afraid of!
  31. Review a place I have stayed, a new restaurant and a business.
  32. Attend a live play.
  33. Buy a new outfit that makes me feel amazing!
  34. Start a Gratitude journal.
  35. Tell someone that inspires me – why and how they inspire me – at least 4 times this year!
  36. On day a month send an email to myself about something that makes me special and unique – read them on my 40th birthday.
  37. Spend more time with family and take pictures with them.
  38. Learn to Meditate.
  39. Go on an overnight hike/camping adventure
  40. Celebrate 3 days this year that are odd to me and go all out with your celebrations (for example bathtub party day or brownie day – each of those I could totally get behind!)

I think there are possibilities to link items on this list, and also opportunities for me to do more then list. But for now READY…SET…GO – make this year AMAZING self!

11 thoughts on “40 Things I wish to accomplish by the time I turn 40!

  1. I enjoyed reading your list and am also a list person at times lol
    You’re doing a great thing for yourself and I’ll enjoy seeing your progress. Best of luck!


  2. what a smarvelous idea! but a few comments if I may…
    #2..I have several
    #4 Define CLEAN
    #5 like “heart attack” them???
    #8 US to Send to YOU??
    #9 IMPOSSIBLE for you
    #22 leave OUR room alone..we like our clutter
    #30 IF you complete #9 then you have completed this one
    #39 should take Mas man and Lucy girl wit yas
    and any thing to do with PROUD..that is what I am of you!!


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