First comes the List! Now comes the PLAN!

I have to start this week off with so many THANKS! I have heard from many people with words of encouragement and support – you have no idea how much those words meant to me. When I put the list and blog out there, it was a frightening and exciting moment all at the same time; your words were so welcome and I wish I could hug each and everyone of you because YOU made me smile!!

NOW is when I have to kick everything into action.

I have been thinking this week about how I would plan my months out and how I would go about updating the blog. I realized if I want to hit all things on my 40 before 40 list it is going to require me to be SUPER organized (if you know me well you know this is not my strength! HA).  In an effort to be organized, on Sunday I went out and bought 2 calendars  – one for me to follow (to schedule school, work and list goals) and the other was to schedule LIFE in general for family, school and DATES! (another check mark for the list – )  I am not sure if I mentioned already, but I am working full time and going to school part time, things are kind of busy! 🙂 I am  excited about #enrouteto40 though and  see it as helping me to keep the balance and so it was fun filling up the month of January!

I have decided to use December as my prep month and January as my start month. So I am busy making lists (this is where you all hopefully come in) for places to volunteer through the year, ways I can help bring a smile to someone’s face and finding healthy recipe sites. I have some ideas and sites but would love some suggestions from YOU!

As far as the Blog goes – I think I will try to update on Wednesday’s, but haven’t decided if this will be weekly or biweekly yet. I think I will go with the flow and see how it goes, but look for updates on Wednesday’s. You also have the option to follow the blog ⇒⇑ (over there) and you will get an email update when I post a new one!  I have set up my Instagram account as well and you can find the link at the side and top of this page. If Instagram is your thing –  follow me there (@enrouteto40blog)! 🙂

Again – THANK YOU so much for your kind words and words of encouragement! It is those words that inspire me to keep moving forward and finding the balance.

Hugs, Me




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