“We lose ourselves in books and we find ourselves in them too.” – Unknown

This quote is so true and perfectly sums up how I felt when I read “The School of Greatness” By Lewis Howes.


I actually purchased the book in the summer but because of school and other commitments I didn’t actually really get into it (and then couldn’t put it down) until this Christmas Break. I set a goal to read a new book every month (one of my more lofty goals considering school starts again THIS WEEK!) and I realize now why it has sat and that I was meant to read it over the Holidays and as part of my list because it was most definitely the PERFECT fit!

I discovered Lewis Howes completely by accident (even though I think everything happens for a reason) when I stumbled across his podcast. I have been listening to his podcast pretty regularly now for the past 6 months (Podcast is also called The School of Greatness) and it always leaves me with a feeling of empowerment and the want to do more, seek more, learn more. Well my friends, this BOOK,  was the same – maybe even more amazing!

Lewis (I feel like we can be on a first name basis now – HA) introduces you to many amazing, thought provoking and inspiring people (including himself) in this book. He focuses on topics that will help you to be the better version of yourself in a variety of ways that really could take on different meanings depending on where you are in life. Some of the chapters were titled  – Create a Vision, Master your Body and Practice Positive Habits – but the overall theme was “what does it take to be great” – hence the aspect of creating the best version of yourself. My favorite part about the whole book (besides EVERYTHING) was that at the end of each chapter you have exercises that allow you to reflect on what you just read so you can put your visions, goals and dreams into action and reality. Lewis leads you through a journey of lessons that allow YOU to have the power to be GREAT based on what he has learned from a many inspirational people (we are already GREAT, we may just not recognize it ourselves yet – hence the QUOTE above!).

When I finished the book I realized that a lot of what I have on my list is part of the exercises that are in the book. Now it is about doing the work to finding the better version of myself. There will be good times, there will be tough times, there will be times I struggle, but I have to remember that each of these things are bringing me towards my greater and bigger vision. Most importantly each of these “times” (the GOOD, the BAD and the UGLY) are guiding me on my journey.

There were so many lines in this book that I wanted to quote to help explain how powerful I feel it is, but each time I went to quote one I found a better one (it started to look like the book itself! HA) . My advice though is if you are in a position where you just feel like there is something out there yet to find, something missing, or maybe you just feel like you want a nudge (I think that is why I was guided to this book) then pick it up. OR, if you are just simply looking for a great book that inspires –PICK THIS ONE– you never know where you will end up as you read it! 🙂


💕 Me


2 thoughts on ““We lose ourselves in books and we find ourselves in them too.” – Unknown

  1. I think I am going to have to pick this one up and give it a read. I am always looking for new reading material and this is does not look like anything I have read before so it looks very interesting.


    1. I highly recommend it! I loved that there was a little something for everyone in it and I am sure everyone that reads it takes something different from it! Also as I noted the podcast is very inspiring as well. 🙂


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