So let’s get REAL…

Ever have that inner fight going on in your head – those two miniature versions of you on each shoulder yelling back and forth and you are just watching them like it is a television show…(PLEASE tell me you know what I am talking about!)

Here is the situation – I was going to write about some of my struggles (the things that keep me up at night) but then I realized that wasn’t very POSITIVE. Then I struggled with well this is supposed to be a REAL blog – the ups, the downs, the good and the bad. (Right now you are LEGIT getting a real life look at what happens in my head – scary RIGHT?!? HA!)

BUT then I realized that sometimes my STRUGGLE has the opportunity to be POSITIVE!! I didn’t make a list that would be EASY to check off, and I didn’t make it easy for a reason – I wanted to challenge myself! I want to be a better version of the person I was yesterday – today and tomorrow. That means I have to constantly WORK!

But sometimes it is a struggle…

Sometimes I am:

  •  Tired
  • Overwhelmed
  • Irritable
  • Plain and simple – OVER IT!

AND then I remember my WHY (or in my case my multiple reasons WHY – to be revealed deeper in a much later blog!) I also remember (and am so GRATEFUL) for the times that friends and family have said – YOU HAVE THIS! Those three powerful words (much like the power of I LOVE YOU) make it a little easier to get up at 5am or push myself a little harder when I am ready to just give in or make me take that little bit more time on something that is IMPORTANT!

I am Human. I struggle with asking for HELP. I appreciate the kick in the butt (oh you have no idea how much I appreciate them). I REALLY appreciate you coming along on this journey with me!

So in closing here are some of my STRUGGLES lately that keep me up at night:

  • Balance – Work/Life/School (will I ever NOT be tired!)
  • Eating Healthy – IT IS HARD! Where do I find willpower? And how do I resist the urge for junk when I am TIRED (which as you can see is ALWAYS!)
  • Guilt –  In particular about the fact I have not volunteered this month nor have I set anything up regarding volunteering. (this one is weighing a bit heavy…)

AND there you have it!

Check in next week for the first month CHECK ( ✅ ) up on the list! 🙂




2 thoughts on “So let’s get REAL…

  1. Friend, you’ve been ambitious in the goals you’ve set for yourself. Treat yourself gently. Instead of feeling guilt, feel proud of what you’ve accomplished so far and thankful that you’ve still got a lot of year left ahead of you to knock it out of the park. And remember: any progress towards a goal is still progress. So, the very fact that you’re thinking about volunteering is, in my opinion, a win. Maybe steal 5 minutes today to make a list of things you’re passionate about so that you can later identify volunteer opportunities that link to those.

    You’ve got this. ❤


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