Check In Time ✅

Ok who else feels like January was the longest and the shortest month EVER!!!

I saw a meme, (can you call it a meme if no picture was involved) for argument sake let’s say I saw a picture the other day that said it feels like January 74th or something like that…HOW TRUE is that though!?!

I think I feel the same way every year about January – well that was until I started a list of things to do this year. FRIENDS – let me tell you how quickly a month goes by when you are feeling the PRESSURE! (Please note this is completely and only pressure I am putting on myself...)

Even though last week I talked about my struggles, I am still excited about this list and checking items off – even if it is slower then I would like!

So you aren’t here to read my rambling  -let’s get to the LIST!!

Here are the items I am proud to say I have been able to work on this month:

  • Exercise at minimum 156 times this year  I think I am on 30/156 workouts!! I have found a program that I am ABSOLUTELY in love with so that helps!
  • Read a personal development book each month! So I finished Lewis Howes book, which I have already HIGHLY recommended. I was worried about my next book because I am back in school and all I seem to do is read but not for fun! However, for one of my classes I had to pick a book to read from a provided list.  I am excited because one of the choices worked for my LIST! I am reading about Mindset and Success. I am such a geek for this stuff – IT IS SOOOOO GOOD!!
  • Start a Blog about #enrouteto40 to keep me on track!!  I just wanted to see that check mark again and say THANK YOU for reading my blog!
  • Learn a new healthy CLEAN recipe one Sunday a month.  I am not going to rave about my new favorite cook book again but I will say I have actually cooked more than one new meal from it! It is definitely a Yum and Yummer cookbook! heheh
  • Send a letter to a different family or friend once a month for the entire year via snail mail! DONE and without going into detail I will say that it was one of my favorite moments!
  • PICTURES!! Take pictures of things that inspire you or make you smile! (Hence Instagram) Mmmmm I think I post too much!! lol
  • One Weekend a month go PHONELESS Not only did I do it but I SURVIVED!! It wasn’t that bad and I will be honest I did check out Hubby’s phone once or twice. But what I did realize is that I am a bored scroller (clearly not a word but works for this purpose!) I really don’t think this one will be as hard as I thought going forward.
  • Put date night on the calendar each month for a year and NEVER miss them or reschedule them. We had such a great day and we set a date for every month for the year. We decided that each month we  will take turns and have to plan the date day for the other person. I think this might be one of my favorite items on the list so far because it means time together with my favorite person in the world!
  • Start an email account for my niece and nephew and share stories with them that they can read when they get older. I really love this one too! It is an amazing experience telling someone now something that you won’t read until years from now – really makes you think!
  • Start a Gratitude journal. I recommend everyone do this…HONESTLY!
  • Spend more time with family and take pictures with them. Another favorite – I love every memory and every laugh so much!

Ok peeps that is it for this week. I would love to know if you have a list going yourself how are you doing? Are you having fun?


💕 Me




2 thoughts on “Check In Time ✅

  1. I am so pleased for you, you are doing so well. You definitely should not put pressure on yourself, you have made a start to tick off 11 things off your list that means really you have pretty much ticked off a quarter of your list already x

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