Let’s talk about…


So I had a completely different blog written yesterday but decided at the last minute to change it – hence why I am a day late!

My blog was about love and it was a letter to someone that inspires me, but I decided to keep it private and popped it in the mail today!

But I still wanted to talk about love, and not just the love we share but the love that inspires us. My sister told me about something my nephew did this week that filled me with so much love it was worth talking about. He is 5 and without prompting helped two people that needed it. He had patience, showed compassion, he showed that everyone deserves to be loved. When my sister told us the story, I have to admit I was overwhelmed with pride and love ( AKA I cried) because it shows who he is and how he understands the power of love.

So often we get caught up in “Love” as such a big and complicated thing that we forget that love can be a simple act of kindness.

As it was just International Women’s Day last week, let’s take the opportunity to celebrate all of the women we know! Let’s make a pact to empower and support when we can. Lift each other up and show love!

Do you have a girl friend that inspires you? If so,  how – let’s share some good news, inspirational stories – let’s share the Love!

Here is mine: I have a friend who is incredibly strong, even when she feels she is down! These past few years have been difficult for her but her strength is what inspires me. She can get knocked down and stands up, dusts herself off and keeps going. I know she thinks some days she isn’t strong but GIRL – you have no idea! We all have those moments and it is even more why we need to band together and help each other up. I love that about you!! You inspire me! Love you! PS – You know who you are! xo





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