It has been a while…

I am still here! Work, school and life had me pretty busy over the last month, but I am still here and TRYING to work on my list! Somethings have definitely been on hold but I keep reminding myself if I get a little done it is still progress!

It was my intention to write last week, but it was such a sad week in Canada with the Humbolt bus crash.  I do have to say I love my Country and it was pretty amazing to see how many people rallied for a community, families and hockey team that many of us have never heard of before that day. It is moments like that, that make my heart smile and make me very proud of where I live.

Why is it that we often wait for tragic events to make us look at those in our life and count our blessings a little more? I did do just that, reached out to those that are important to me and sent them a little note to say I love you and that I was thinking of them. I did it because I realize for some people I don’t say it enough, I take for granted that they there, always there.

I have to say that one of the things that kind of slipped to the side of my desk was my gratitude journal. When I think back I can actually pin point when I stopped writing it in; my world got a little a more full, more stressful and I felt like I was barely staying afloat – I felt very UNBALANCED! I have to think that taking the time to write in the journal actually helped me stay balanced. This is something that I will be going back to starting today!

Speaking of Balance – there is one aspect of my list that never got put to the side. It was my WORKOUTS! I realized as I was doing them that they were not only helping me to feel better body wise but my mind needed them too. My original goal was  156 workouts this year. I can proudly say that almost to the half way mark of the year I am very close to hitting my 100th workout! I have averaged about 6 workouts a week when my goal was 3 – PRETTY PROUD of myself I have to admit. Now if I could just focus on the healthy eating we would be all set! 🙂

So Friends, I hope to be back a little more regularly on the blog. I head out on vacation for a couple of weeks very soon, so you may or may not see me blog wise but I definitely invite you to follow me on Instagram. My vacation is actually going to be kickstarted with checking off something on my 40 by 40 list, I wonder what it could be?!?

So to end, I am asking you one question and one request:

1. What helps keep you balanced throughout the busy times?

2. Please take the time today to reach out to someone you love and tell them! ❤️



One thought on “It has been a while…

  1. Welcome back!

    Balance can be so tricky. Your post made me think about the saying about moderation: “Everything in moderation, including moderation.” I think balance is the same sort of thing. Part of keeping balance is learning to accept that life will go out of balance. The important piece is righting yourself as soon as you realize what’s going on.

    Congrats on the fitness goal! You’re killing it!


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