THIS is my one of my favorite things about the List…

No it is not the blog…OR is it?!?

A few people have asked me what I love most about the list and I have thought long and hard about what is my favorite item is but the truth is I have multiple favorites.


I have grown to love our Date Day!

February Date Day

In late December, we looked at the Calendar together and picked 12 Date Days. The “Date Day” is scheduled to happen once a month and they are non negotiable. Meaning, we can’t switch them, we can’t cancel them, it should be a day just about us and for us. Most people have date evenings and I totally get that (and we still have those from time to time), but I really wanted us to have a day that was special.

Each month we take turns planning the Date Day. They don’t have to be elaborate and most times it is the simple stuff that makes it the most meaningful.

When people hear that we have a whole day each month dedicated to a day, I often get some mixed reactions, such as:

  • “Must be nice.”
  • “Wow, life without kids is good.”
  • “My significant other would never go for that…”
  • “What a great idea! We should do that!” 


To be honest – it is pretty nice! I think I can speak for both T and I when I say they have been great and something we look forward to each month.

We talked about the date day this weekend and discussed would we be doing them if we had kids. We decided that we would probably call these days Family Day instead of Date day, but they would have the same meaning – time spent together.

We spend the day doing things we love to do together – exploring our own City, having breakfast out, and most days we end it with a Homemade meal (it seems we enjoy homemade Pizza on this day) at home and watch a movie! They are simple but fun!

June Date Day

An Example of our latest date day:

  1. Breakfast at Izzy’s Bagels – OMG so delicious…freshly cooked Bagel breakfast sandwich.
  2. Headed to the Market and looked at all of the yummy fresh food, and amazing Artisan work.
  3. Went to Garrison and tried some different beer then filled up T’s Growler with our favorite of the ones we tried.
  4. Headed to Ikea and browsed, which then sparked some discussion regarding plans with the house. For those of you that don’t know us WE LOVE to talk about this kind of stuff – it all starts with a DREAM right?!?
  5. Searched out POUTINE – so delicious, it should be when you buy it at a place called Cheese Curds, RIGHT?!?
  6. Picked up ingredients and went home to make some delicious Homemade Pizza.

As you can see it is a pretty simple day but it was filled with laughter, obviously lots of carbs (hahahah) but most of all time spent together.

In the beginning I also made this the day that I went without technology…BUT I suck at that!  #truthbomb

I can’t wait to see what we do next month – it is my turn to plan it! Have suggestions – send them my way! 🙂

I highly recommend grabbing your family, significant other or even a friend and plan some “Spend time together” days – you won’t regret it!

April Date Day

I have realized while looking for pictures – I don’t have many. I am guessing this means I spent more time just being with T on those days then trying to capture them. This makes it more special to me now!

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