I am an Ambivert

These past few weeks have been CRAZY!!

I have a new role at work that has meant many meetings and long days of being BUBBLY, PERSONABLE and so on and so on.

We have had busy weekends of entertaining. And when I say entertaining it has included hosting a BBQ for over 60 people – you know just a small and intimate get together!! Haha

This morning I woke up EXHAUSTED! I slept really good last night, in fact for the past few weeks I have been falling asleep really early while watching tv. I have been laughing at myself because I kept saying “ohhh must be because I am almost 40.”

BUT then I realized as I was getting ready for an all day meeting this morning, I wasn’t feeling hanging out with people. I knew I had no choice, it was work related and there was no chance of hiding in my office away from people – I would be spending my day with 70 other people and I needed to pull out Extroverted Lynn AGAIN.

As I have gotten older, I have realized something about myself, for every day of being extroverted I need to balance it with about half of day of just down time. I need that balance of being an Extrovert and an Introvert – I am an Ambivert (so GOOGLE tells me) and apparently it is kind of normal.

This is a pretty accurate and huge thanks to Sylvester McNutt III for summing this up – it explains exactly my feelings (especially as I get older):

I know that I am long past the recharge time because lately I have been waking up like this:

When I know that I have to be like this:

I know that this sounds like I am complaining but the truth is that I think that knowing is half the battle. I will make it through and I will recharge – it is summer after all! But understanding that sometimes it is ok to lock myself in the office (just not on big meeting days) just to ground myself and that it is actually not only OK but NEEDED because it makes me a better ME! And on also learning that sometimes I am just not going to want to be social on the weekends – it is OK!

Are you an Ambivert?

If you are, let me tell you right now – it is OK!! Embrace it, know your limits, recharge to be the best you!

I guess in a way learning who I am and my limits is all about being the Healthiest version of me on my 40th. It is all about the journey!

Have you every learned something about yourself that surprised you?

I leave you with these two words – Embrace You!


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