Time for an update of THE LIST….

I have been pretty real on this blog, you get to see all sides of me because I think it is important.

Yesterday on Instagram I shared a post about how I get easily distracted, this happens at work, at home – it is just LIFE for me!

Sometimes it can be funny, but I also get how it can be annoying too (YES, for those of you that know me, I totally know and understand this!) . Do you know I can legit have a conversation about probably 3 or 4 things at the same time? I start on one subject, pause because I think of something else, ask my question about number 2 and then go back to one, add in a third and so on and so on. Thank goodness T can follow me through conversation…you should see me when I am REALLY excited about something that leads into something else…

So you following me?? HAHA Because this blog is actually about an update to my list – I think the update will better explain why I began with distracted! I am only going to update on half of the list this time round – look for the other 20 in a couple of weeks!

1. Exercise at minimum 156 times this year – approximately 3 times a week. OH Man do I have this one down!!! So far I am 120/156 workouts, so I feel like I may actually exceed this goal. Currently I am using a new program called LIIFT4 – LOVE IT!! I forgot how fun lifting weights is. 
2. Read a personal development book each month! OK – this hasn’t been my best one. School definitely played a part a little because when I have so much reading and writing needed to be done for school, I don’t necessarily feel like picking up a book for fun. But I did manage to read 3 really spectacular ones so far (with hopes of adding at least two more this summer). Look for a review on the latest one coming soon! 
3. Start a Blog about #enrouteto40 to keep me on track!!  I just needed to keep this one in there, makes me feel GOOD! haha But to be honest, I haven’t blogged as much as I would have hoped. I do very much love it. I need to find the groove when I am back to school with fitting everything in.
6. Volunteer once a month I SUCK when it comes to this one. I need to really get off the procrastination struggle bus when it comes to list item 6 – no excuses. 
7. PICTURES!! Take pictures of things that inspire you or make you smile! I really do love to take pictures and have been really trying to capture things we do. When I look at a picture, it not only brings back the memories for me, but I think of songs I heard, smells I smelled – the whole experience comes flooding back and makes me smile (in most cases!) 
8. One Weekend a month go PHONELESS Have to admit peeps – started off strong and then I just didn’t. I do notice I learned how dependent I am of my phone. I really use it for everything, EVEN MY BLOG somedays. NO excuse – I need to really work on this. 
10. Learn something new with my Husband!  So we haven’t signed up for anything yet but when we were in DR this year we talked about either language or dancing lessons. I also think maybe something like Yoga would be fun too. We would love suggestions. 
11. See the Jays play in TO and 1 other city!! I am (well actually we are) huge Jay’s fans. This year may be tricky to see them though, fingers crossed. I have been thinking of Boston for a little trip. My hope is to at least aim for 1 if I can’t squeeze two in. Even if this isn’t their year… 
13. Stick to a debt reduction plan and build my savingsAgain, something that I am not strong at. I did find this pretty awesome app called QUBER that has been awesome for helping me to save. You can set up various jars and move money to it by assigning goals and strategies. I LOVE it, plus it was created in Atlantic Canada I do believe – CHECK IT OUT! 
14. In the summer, visit 5 places in Nova Scotia that I have never visited before. It is summer time and this is sooooooooo on my list. We added a little twist to it to by incorporating local breweries. Watch my Instagram to see where Griffin the Growler takes us this summer! 🙂
15. Fly 1st Class LOVED THIS!! I may never fly any other way again…ok unless my debt reduction plan gets better this isn’t the truth but a girl can dream! 🙂 hahah 
16. Attend a Mawio’mi I am hoping to do this with my brother, sister, niece and nephew this summer. 
19. Put date night on the calendar each month for a year and NEVER miss them or reschedule them.  I blogged about this earlier – I love our Date days. I think that long after I am 40 we will be doing this. It is about making time for US. 
23. Start an email account for my niece and nephew and share stories with them that they can read when they get older. I love sending emails to these accounts. It is like I am getting to have a little conversation with them, I send them pictures of things we have done together as well as give them some advice for when they older. 
28. Start my Master’s Thesis. While this is still a goal, however, because of how my courses line up it looks like it is more likely that it will happen in the Spring of 2019. I can say though I have been putting a lot of thought and had many conversations around the topic. 
33. Start a Gratitude journal. I haven’t done this everyday, however I do take time most days to start my day with intention and end it with Gratitude. When I don’t it is amazing how I feel the impact. It is so important to be grateful, this I am learning everyday. 
35. On day a month send an email to myself about something that makes me special and unique – read them on my 40th birthday. I TOTALLY FORGOT ABOUT THIS ONE!! I definitely have not done this. but will start right after I post this blog. 

So there you have it a little sneak peek into how I have been managing or in some cases not managing my list. 

As always I so appreciate the support and advice you have to offer. I have run into many people that have talked of doing lists of their own. I HIGHLY recommend. It has been a great way to see and understand myself a little more.

Until next time…



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