“This is not just about exercise. This is about you getting through this week, this is about you finding motivation for yourself.” – Shaun T

While this quote is from one of his workout programs, after reading his book, I realized that this quote IS truly so much more then meant for getting you through his exercise program.
12715E01-E741-4682-BA56-DE82E3940004Shaun T wants to help motivate you to motivate yourself through life and whatever it throws at you –  the Good and the Bad.  I started this book at the end of my vacation as a means to get motivated and back on track. What I have discovered is the best lessons learned are the ones that happen when we discover or in some cases rediscover something within ourselves.

I was introduced to Shaun T many years ago before I started following Beachbody workouts as they are now. I picked up a copy of his “Hip Hop Abs”. Now I can’t say that I developed abs from this workout – mainly because I didn’t truly follow it, but I can say that the program itself found me at a time when I needed it. I needed to laugh, to just let my guard down and I needed to workout. I would do the workout with a friend of mine. Neither of us were very coordinated but MAN OH MAN did we laugh and have fun! What I learned from Shaun T through that workout program, was that working out could be fun, that it was ok to not take yourself to seriously and more importantly with some effort you could accomplish your goals.

Fast forward to the book. Shaun T continued to teach me those lessons, but he also inspired me to realize that in order to put in effort you had to have goals, but you also have to believe in yourself.  You need to envision what you want and strive to achieve. You had to pick yourself up and dust yourself off when things didn’t go exactly how you wanted. You had to realize that those missteps were helping to guide you to the bigger picture!! When I was first introduced to Shaun T, did I think he would still be popping up in my life 15-20 years later – HELL NO – but I am so thankful that he is. His guidance has meant the world to me. His words, so real that I felt like he was reading the book to me, helped me to look back at where I was and helped me to gain focus on where on want to be.

Fun Fact – Shaun T turned 40 this year.

“Trust and Believe” as Shaun T says, that this book fell into my lap at the right time.  I don’t think that it is a coincidence that it happened when we just happen to be both hitting the milestone in the same year.  I have Shaun T to thank for keeping me focused.

On those days when I needed a little kick in the ass, I would either pick up this book and read a chapter and/or I would go down to the gym and have a workout with him. I would listen to his words of encouragement not just to get me through the workout but to also get me to focus on my goals again.  He is a life motivator not just a fitness motivator, in my opinion.


Shaun T is coming to Halifax on September 22. He is doing a live workout as part of a celebration that Dalhousie University is having. I had to make a tough decision about attending – I REALLY wanted too, but I am sticking to some of my goals and it didn’t fit into the budget this year.

I am ok with that decision though – want to know why?

Shaun T has taught me that it is ok. I am going to “Trust and Believe” that I will have another opportunity and it will be the right time at that moment. BUT make no mistake on September 22, I WILL be working out with Shaun T, just from the comfort of my basement. I know I will have a workout that will leave me much like the book did – feeling proud, strong and excited for whatever life has to offer me (and I will definitely be sweaty too – that man makes you WORK! hahah).

I will continue to move forward – transforming into my best self!

So I encourage you to go now and pick up the book. If you feel like you are kind of stuck, or you feel like you could just use some words of encouragement or even better you feel like you are ready to hit those GOALS – go get it!!



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