My Wish for You!

If there is one thing you take from this blog, my hope is that it is this…

I have been kind of absent lately. We have talked about it before but I think it has to do with the amount of pressure I put on myself.

It is who I am.

I think I have been just trying to find that happy medium AGAIN between school, work, my list, life in general.

I am not sure about everyone else but September seemed to bring all of the emotions and all of the feelings my way too. For those that don’t know me, this meant I cried A LOT. Now let me be clear, they weren’t all sad tears, some were definitely happy tears, there were some relief tears, there were I am so angry tears, there were even some I don’t know why I am crying tears.

I was talking to T last night about my emotions and saying sometimes I wish I didn’t feel so much. He said,

“Babe, I think you need to be ok with feeling. That is you. And you don’t need to apologize to anyone. Your feelings are yours.”

Our conversation made me think about what a dear friend also said to me yesterday – “Be Kind to Yourself.”

Do we have this thought in our head we have to be a certain way? Do we feel the need to be perfect, or to at least be able to get it all done and for it to look easy? Are we harder on ourselves? Are we judging ourselves more critically then those we think are judging us?

In my opinion, we can all answer yes to the above questions, yet we keep doing it over and over again! It is a cycle. So we just have remind ourselves when those moments creep in to Be Kind to Yourself. Let the feeling happen, think of the positives, focus on the them hard and just let the feeling pass.

So as I start to get closer to 40 – like REALLY close – I know that I will not hit all 40 things on my list.

That is ok.

It simply means that when I am 40 I have a few things on my list to start with. There is no rule that says they have to go away just because I didn’t do them BEFORE I was 40!

BUT just so you know, before you give up hope on something on your own lists –

This week alone, I randomly checked three things off the list that, 2 of which I thought would move into the next year list. That was a result of positivity and putting things out into the Universe. I call that PRETTY DARN COOL!

So my friend please remember:

1. Be Kind to Yourself!

2. Positivity Wins!

3. Let yourself Feel – your feelings matter just as much as the next persons, maybe even more!


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