A Glimpse at the List

I had a realization this weekend…

I am TWO MONTHS away from the big 40!!!


This list, while not always my priority (as you have read – if you have been sticking with me), has definitely made this year fun! It has allowed me to celebrate small victories, be so grateful for all the moments, and really just appreciate even more so the amazing people I have in my life.

9A6B8227-DF36-49B0-AA6B-42B740D259FBMy last post was a bit of a downer so I wanted to be sure to kick off October with some amazing POSTIVE vibes!

AND to tell you – YES YOU, reading this right now – I am so THANKFUL for you and your Support!


And now the UPDATE!

  1. Exercise at minimum 156 times this year – approximately 3 times a week
    This is a picture from Day 1 of my journey and Day 156! I think I look Happier at 156!

    OH YA I did!! I hit the magic 156 on September 10th and I am still going strong! What number workout do you think I will hit on my 40th?!? 

  2. See the Jays play in TO and 1 other city!! (I am a huge Toronto Blue Jays fan so to see them twice this year would be amazing, adding a new city to the trip is a BONUS!) – Ok lets be honest this one didn’t happen!  BUT really it wasn’t the greatest year to the Jays anyway (they kind of were HORRIBLE! hahah). SO I am happily moving this one over to next year!
  3. In the summer, visit 5 places in Nova Scotia that I have never visited before. – So I didn’t hit 5 places, but I did visit at least one place I have never been. Tatamagouche was on our list for a couple of different reasons. We had heard some pretty awesome things about it and the beauty of it! PLUS we wanted to go check out the brewery there. Save to say it did not disappoint – Tatamagouche was BEAUTIFUL! Want to know about the Restaurant we tried and our thoughts on the Brewery – keep reading below….
  4. Build something for the house – I DID IT!!!
    It still needs to be hung up but I am pretty pleased with it!

    Well T and I did it! The picture should say it all, but incase you can’t tell – it is a chalkboard for our kitchen! I should have totally recorded us in Home Depot though so you could get the full effect and get a laugh at some of the conversations we have! hahah I have to say I am pretty pleased with it – imperfections and all!

  5. Go to a live concert. – So it is funny because in early September I was checking out the list and had a couple of things marked as move to next year; this was one of them! I just couldn’t see how I could make it happen, but do remember saying “Universe if there is a way then PLEASE make it clear to me!” Enter the following text message from a friend: D55942BA-F73D-40A4-B106-F837AEDD3715 T and I had so much fun! We jumped on the tickets, just hours before the show. Had a date dinner at McDonald’s (no body eats at McDonald’s on Sunday at 5 pm just in case you were wondering when a good time to go is). We sang out hearts out and had such an amazing time! Jack and Diane will always be one of my favorite songs and to hear it LIVE was pretty amazing!
  6. Review a place I have stayed, a new restaurant and a business. – E0062EA1-D06D-4088-82C9-3AA98D5DA4AESo about that trip to Tatamagouche. A coworker of mine recommended a restaurant that we should try prior to go to the brewery. If you are ever in Tatamagouche I highly recommend Chowder House. Not only was the food delicious, but the staff were so friendly. We really felt like we had been invited into someone’s kitchen for lunch. Next on the list was the Tatamagouche Brewing Company. It definitely had a fun vibe to it and an overall nice atmosphere but we were kind of disappointed by the choice of beers on tap (not really their fault though I suppose). Would I say a trip to Tatamagouche is worth it – absolutely. I felt like we were on a little movie set the whole visit.
  7. Attend a live play. – This is another one that got moved to next year. BUT the same week we were given tickets to a concert, I was given the opportunity to attend a play at Neptune, courtesy of an Alumni Event! How flippin’ cool is that? I got to see Shakespeare in Love and spend some quality time with someone that is not only a friend but also family! Made it even more special.
  8. Learn to Meditate – Ok Friends – I don’t want to move this to next year. I want to learn now and try to practice. SOOOOO send me your tips, tricks, tried and true methods. Have advice – get at me! 

So as you can see this is just a little update. I wanted to share again the power of putting things out into the Universe – TWO THINGS IN THE SAME WEEK – clearly that is not just coincidence. (Even if it is, I am going to BELIEVE it was the Universe wanting me to experience something!)

Also I am getting really, REALLY,  close to the 40 Day – what should I do for that day? It is a Thursday this year! Send me your suggestions!



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