Well here we are…

I am 40!!!


I am FLIPPIN’ 40!!!

I have to say I kind of LOVE it! I told my Sister-in-law the other day, “you know how people always say they are 29, I am going to say I am 40 from now on!” HAHA

So clearly I have been absent for a whole month (maybe 2!), but I have been doing some celebrating!  Well also school work and work work, but let’s focus on the CELEBRATING! My husband threw me a Taco and Tequila party in early November – it was SOOOO much fun and I was surrounded by so many amazing people – it was definitely a highlight of this year of celebration!

I was going to do a blog today about updating my list but I think I will save it for the next post.

Today I am going to capture my top 5 pieces of advice and things I have learned over this past year but in general throughout my past 40 years – OMG I am 40!! And in typical Lynn fashion I have put them in a list!

So here we go:

  1. Family – They will always be the most important, whether you have been born into them or picked them yourself, always remember they are the ones that have your back through thick and thin. There will be times when they drive you nuts but I can guarantee you – you do the same to them. LOVE them with all of your might and tell them often. If you have someone you consider family near you right now – lean over and tell them you love them. Watch them smile and embrace that moment forever!
  2. LOVE – Oh my goodness I can’t say this loud enough or really enough times. LOVE with all of your heart many times in your life. Like the real good love that you feel from your toes to your head. You can love in so many ways and it makes life so beautiful. Embrace LOVE, just LOVE!! I am not just talking about a significant other, but your friends, your family, your work, your hobbies – find some Love. It makes the world a better place.
  3. Be Kind to yourself – you know for probably half of my life I haven’t been that to myself. I had to learn to LOVE (see #3 💕) myself. I had to learn to appreciate what made me – ME! This is still a work in progress and I suspect it will be for the rest of my life. But it took a conscious effort for me to realize and work on it.
  4. Exercise – I say this even if means you just go for a casual walk with a friend. There are so many benefits and I am not just talking health wise. It allows you to meet people, clear your head, have time for you. I could list the health benefits but we all see them all the time.
  5. Gratitude –  Honestly be thankful and take note of it. You don’t have to do it daily, weekly or even monthly but by stopping and counting your blessing every so often it just makes you smile and appreciate…it makes you Love (if I haven’t hammered that point enough!)

There are oh so many others, like pay yourself first, travel, etc. but really these five, if you can practice or take them into account, will impact life in so many ways – POSITIVELY!

With that my friends, I am off to indulge in some Tacos for my 40th birthday (it is a tradition!) and probably some cake – I did a workout this morning to make sure I could have a GREAT big piece, heck I might just eat the whole cake! 🎂

I thank you ALL from the bottom of my heart for following my adventures this year. Your support, advice and friendship has been AMAZING and I am so thankful for each and everyone of you. ❤️



PS: Check back soon for the big list update!




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